1. Flask-PyMongo, Back from the Dead

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    Long ago, when I worked at MongoDB I created Flask-PyMongo to make it easy for programmers using Flask to use the database. Fast forward almost 8 years, during which time I wasn't a consistent user of either Flask or MongoDB, and Flask-PyMongo has fallen into disrepair.

    MongoDB, PyMongo, and Flask have moved on, and Flask-PyMongo hasn't been kept up to date. There are more than twice as many forks as pull requests, a GitHub ratio I'm not proud of. Fotunately, the future for Flask-PyMongo is bright.

  2. Now Seeking PyGotham Program Committee Members

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    Last year’s PyGotham had a great program committee of four organizers and eight volunteers. Unfortunately due to the constrained timeline of the 2017 conference and everyone’s individual schedules, we had only a few chances to meet, and never as the full group. The major consequence of this is that the final talk decisions were effectively made by a smaller group, mostly conference staff. We failed, by way of logistics, in our mission to make PyGotham as community focused as possible. This year we aim to do better.

  3. Diversity at PyGotham

    This year, for the first time, PyGotham is asking everyone who has submitted a talk to our Call for Proposals to fill out a brief demographic survey to help support our efforts to ensure that PyGotham is representative of the Python community we believe in, welcoming to all our conference attendees, and helps to broaden and advance the conversation on diversity and representation that the wider software development community is undertaking.

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  4. PyGotham Talk Voting is Open!

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    For the first time, the PyGotham program committee is looking for you, our potential attendees, speakers, and community, to help us shape the conference by voting on the 195 talk proposals we've received. We're going to hold open voting until August 7th, after which the Program Committee will use the votes to inform our final selections for the conference.

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