Archives for September 2011

  1. Never Use Source Control GUIs!

    Just received this IM from my friend, Nick:

    11:48:58 AM Nick: kjsahfdlkjashdflkajshdflkjh
    11:49:02 AM Nick: it was the git gui itself
    11:49:09 AM Nick: it periodically refreshes
    11:49:14 AM Nick: with a forked git process

    Version control GUIs are uniformly evil. They entice you with a multitude of colors, and 1-pixel lines; their siren song is one-click commits and graphical 3-way merges.

    But, like Odysseus, if we have any hope of prevailing, we must lash ourselves to the mast and steer past this temptation.

  2. The new Profiler in MongoDB 2.0

    One of my favorite features in MongoDB 2.0 is the finer-grained output of the database profiler. In earlier versions, the bulk of the profile information was contained within a (structured, parseable) string, but as of 2.0 the fields have been broken out and made queryable.

  3. Hello, Plog

    I've wanted to start writing a blog for the past few months. By which I mean, writing blog posts. But why focus on writing great content when you can write great software instead?

    Allow me to introduce Plog, the software running Read on to see how Flask, Mongoengine, and MongoDB can work together to create something beautiful.