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  1. Flask-PyMongo, Back from the Dead

    Sprouting seeds

    Long ago, when I worked at MongoDB I created Flask-PyMongo to make it easy for programmers using Flask to use the database. Fast forward almost 8 years, during which time I wasn't a consistent user of either Flask or MongoDB, and Flask-PyMongo has fallen into disrepair.

    MongoDB, PyMongo, and Flask have moved on, and Flask-PyMongo hasn't been kept up to date. There are more than twice as many forks as pull requests, a GitHub ratio I'm not proud of. Fotunately, the future for Flask-PyMongo is bright.

  2. Hello, Plog

    I've wanted to start writing a blog for the past few months. By which I mean, writing blog posts. But why focus on writing great content when you can write great software instead?

    Allow me to introduce Plog, the software running Read on to see how Flask, Mongoengine, and MongoDB can work together to create something beautiful.

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