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  1. Truncating HTML with Python

    On the 10gen events pages we show a table of sessions for our MongoDB Day conferences, some of which are quite crowded. In order to try to keep the table relatively sanely laid out, we truncate the session descriptions to about 150 characters, and add a "Read More" link which expands to show the full description.

  2. Keystone: A Simple Python Web Framework

    After a conversation with my friend and co-worker Jesse Davis last week about Python web frameworks, I had an idea: what if there were a Python web framework that combined some of the simplicity of workflow and deployment of PHP with the readability and embodiment of best practices of Python? This should be a framework targeted towards folks who want to (or need to) learn web development, but don't have the background, interest, or time to learn one of the heavy-weight frameworks (like Pyramid or Django) or middle-weight frameworks (like Flask or CherryPy). This framework should let you get started immediately, and let you move smoothly from static sites to dynamic sites, let you learn best practices of both Python and web programming, and should not stand in your way when it comes time to go live or scale up.

  3. Web A/B Testing with Dabble

    Thanks to a series of recent posts on the SvN blog, I've been thinking more about my little Python A/B testing framework, Dabble.

    I built Dabble to A/B test (sometimes also called "split test") features on Following the advice of a blog post I've since lost track of, Dabble configures A/B test parameters entirely in code, follows procedure for independent testing, and generally works without much of a hassle.

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